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Asawari Music Foundation

Established in the year April 2013, Asawari Music Foundation is a family founded organization that promotes musical excellence and talent nationwide. Started in memory of a young girl, named ‘Asawari’ who lost her life to cancer, her passion was music till her last day, This organization is founded by Asawari’s parents Mr. Jacob K Joy and his wife Ms. Deepa Jacob, residing at Coonoor, Tamil Nadu, India, completely dedicated to high quality musical training and education among children. The organization is operated by trustees in accordance with the registered trust deed. Asawari Music Foundation is a nonprofit and authentic name that encourages young talents to pursue their musical dreams arranges for various musical activities such as exhibitions, recital shows, demonstrations, seminars and concerts. Asawari Music Foundation strives to inspire the melodious essence in every child who enjoys singing their soul to the world. In fond memory of Asawari and her excellent singing skills, the core vision of this music foundation is to enrich the musical understanding and awareness among talented and deserving candidates. Asawari Foundation attempts to build a strong platform for musically inclined candidates, thus opening new doors of opportunities for them.

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