The Asawari Music Foundation (AMF) is a nonprofit organisation that promotes Western musical excellence among children and teens. It was started to keep alive the memory and spirit of Asawari Jacob – a musically gifted girl who lost her life to cancer at age 15.

AMF’s marquee activity is annual Western vocal competition Outperformers – a national-level event that is open to participants aged up to and including 18 years. The aim of the competition is not just to provide a platform for competing in Western Vocals, but to encourage and support talent and camaraderie among the aspiring singers of the future. We are pleased to announce that we will be partnering with Mumbai’s True School of Music (TSM) for the event this year.

Outperformers 2018 will open on June 1, and the first two rounds will take place online. The Finals will take place at TSM, Mumbai, on 30th September. All talented young singers are welcome to participate.

We have three competition categories this year:

  • Category A: For ages 12 and below
  • Category B: For ages 13‒15
  • Category C: For ages 16‒18

Participants may sing songs from any western music genre of their choice.

Our top prizes are as follows:

  • Cash prize of Rs 50,000 to 3 First Place winners.
  • Cash prize of Rs 25,000 to 3 Second Place winners.
  • Cash prize of Rs 10,000 to all Finalists.
  • 50% scholarship on TSM’s Pro Kids/Pro Junior programs to 3 First Place winners.
  • 25% scholarship on TSM’s Pro Kids/Pro Junior programs to 3 Second Place winners.

Outperformers has continuously raised the bar in terms of the number and quality of participants and the reach of its presence. No matter what part of the country you are located in, we hope you will encourage your students/children to be a part of this prestigious competition.

Eligibility Criteria

  •  The upper age limit is 18 years (age as on 1 October 2018).
  •  Both amateur and professionally trained participants are welcome.
  •  Participants must be Indian nationals located anywhere within the country or outside (please note, expenses incurred towards travel for the Finals are not reimbursable).


There are 3 competition categories based on age*:

  •  Category A: For ages 12 and below
  •  Category B:  For ages 13‒15
  •  Category C:  For ages 16‒18

*Participant’s age as on 1 October 2018


First Prize Winners (each category) will be awarded:

  •  A cash prize of Rs 50,000/-
  •  50% scholarship on True School of Music’s Pro Kids/Pro Junior programs
  •  Trophy
  •  Certificate
  •  Competition T-shirt

Second Prize Winners (each category) will be awarded:

  •  A cash prize of Rs 25,000/-
  •  25% scholarship on True School of Music’s Pro Kids/Pro Junior programs
  •  Trophy
  •  Certificate
  •  Competition T-shirt

All Finalists will be awarded:

  •  A cash prize of Rs 10,000/-
  •  Trophy
  •  Certificate
  •  Competition T-shirt

All Semi-finalists will be awarded:

  •  Certificate
  •  Competition T-shirt

Everyone who participates will be awarded:

  •  A Digital Certificate of Participation

How to participate

Round One

Download the Learn to Sing: True School of Music (TSM) App on your mobile (Android or iOS). Visit the Outperformers competition page, enter the required information, and submit your entry.

Important Dates

1st June 2018: Competition opens on the TSM App

15th July 2018: Last date for submitting entries via the TSM App

Round Two – Semi-finals

Winners of Round One must visit our website and submit the following:

  •  A recent home video recording of yourself singing a complete song (no studio recordings please). You can upload this video on youtube or elsewhere and share the link with us.
  •  Proof that you have submitted a handling fee of Rs 500. See notes at the end of this document for payment information.
  •  A scanned copy of any government recognized document that serves as proof of age.

Important Dates

25 July 2018: Last date for notification of Round One Winners

15th August 2018: Last date to submit video, handling fee, and age proof

Round Three – Finals

  • Winners of Round Three must come to TSM, Mumbai, on 30th September 2018 at 10 am. The event will end by 3 pm.
  •  A microphone and a keyboard (for self-accompaniment or an accompanist) will be provided at the finals. If you would like to use a backing track, you must send the same via email to [email protected] a week before finals, so that quality issues, if any, can be resolved in advance.

Important Date

30th September 2018: Finals to take place at TSM, Mumbai

Please Note

  •  Please follow us on social media to stay updated with competition announcements and news: @asawarimusicfoundation
  •  Participants can sing songs from any western music genre of their preference. They must perform a different song at each round of the competition.  
  •  Relatives/Students of the judges are not allowed to participate.
  •  Using props or relevant attire will add to the overall score of the participant.
  •  Participants must travel to Mumbai at own cost if selected for the Finals/Round Three.
  •  The decision of the judges will be final and binding.
  •  Children and teens with special needs are welcome to participate. However, they will be judged on the same parameters as other participants.
  •  All video/audio sent in for the competition may be used by AMF and TSM for digital/other publishing, and for promotional purposes. The same applies to video recordings of the Finals’ performances.
  •  Winners of Round Two may use any of the following methods to pay the Rs 500 handling fee