Why Do So Many Players Choose Yamaha Grand Pianos?

The Yamaha Grand piano is an incredibly popular choice for a wide range of people. From the novice player to the concert pianist, it can be a suitable option. The Yamaha Grand piano has remained the consistent choice for players all over the world and this isn’t unjustified. Their aesthetically pleasing design, incredible quality and impeccable music range are just a number of reasons as to why so many players choose the Yamaha brand.

Exceptional Quality

Possibly the most notable feature of the Yamaha piano is it’s unrivalled quality, which guarantees longevity. Whether you’re looking for Yamaha Grand Pianos, Yamaha Upright Pianos, Digital or even used then you can be safe in the knowledge that the brand is one unbeaten by any other.

When it comes to the quality within the Yamaha Grand piano, no other brands compare. Every single Yamaha piano is a complete one-of-a-kind, unique build; they’re not mass produced nor designed to be manufactured quickly. It isn’t unusual for a Yamaha Grand to be 12 months or more in the making and this ensures great longevity and can also be seen as a great financial investment for future generations.


The Yamaha Grand comes in a variety of models, with requirements of all players taken into consideration – from the amateur to the professional. Given the size of the Grand it’s likely to be a focal point of the room and this has been factored into varying design finishes which will complement the space and include; Polished White, Polished Walnut, American Walnut Satin and Black Polyester.

Superior Musical Range

A striking feature of the Yamaha Grand piano is its significantly larger soundboard and longer strings, which result in a richer, louder sound. It provides diverse tonality, responsive touch, rich resonance and a wide dynamic range and it is only when all of these features are combined that pianists are able to convey the required sound expression that’s incorporated into composers works. The sound from the Grand is uniform and well-balanced with smoother sustain and a more substantial tone, it also has a much higher ability of note repetitions. All of the features merge to create a superior musical range which enables the player to produce more vibrant and emotional expression.

Brand Reputation

Yamaha is a globally known brand with a remarkable reputation. They’re noted for providing excellent value in terms of design, musical range and quality. Yamaha has also stood the test of time with its success now over one hundred years in the making. The distinctive sound of the Yamaha piano has been heard within places of worship, concert halls, educational institutions and latterly recording studios for more than a century.

Celebrity Fans

Sir Elton John plays around the world on his custom-made Yamaha Grand piano, declaring that the brand shares his philosophy which is: “that anything short of perfect simply isn’t good enough”. Other celebrity fans of the Yamaha Grand piano include; Alicia Keys, Robert Downey Jr, Chris Martin and John Legend.