Why do I study music?

The wonderful thing about music is that it can give you endless hours of fun. Whether you are playing an instrument, or just listening to music, music has the ability to engulf you in its beauty. Whether it is classical, light jazz, or heavy metal, music can prove as an outlet for your feelings. Music can bring people together, energize or relax you, or just be a source of entertainment. People all around the world love music, of all types.

I first started learning music at the age of 5, purely for the fun of it. My sister, at the time, was taking lessons in Hindustani Classical music, which prompted me to start learning the Tabla. I immediately fell in love with music, and at the age of 8 began learning the Violin and the Saxophone, and soon after the Piano, in two completely contrasting genres, Western Classical and Jazz. It was only after this that I began to see the added benefits of learning a musical instrument.

Performing music, apart from being enjoyable, benefits the musician in a myriad of ways. The student is trained to perfect every single note of their piece, and to recognise the slightest change in tune, which gives rise to focus and attention to detail. Having to play the same line over and over to refine it, teaches hard work, and develops patience in the musician. The student’s ability to remember things is magnified, when he memorises pieces. Music fosters creativity, and thinking outside the box. Music teaches the student to work well with others, and more importantly, listen to others, when playing in a school band or orchestra. Playing music helps channelise energy away from bad habits such as too many video games, and at a more extreme level, harmful substances such as drugs and tobacco.

When I began to get more serious about music, and practice on a regular basis, I immediately saw the effect it had on my academics, helping me to perform much better in school. Music gave me some of the best experiences of my life, be it in performances, or in bands with my friends. The ability to pick up an instrument, and just be able to jam and enjoy yourself with others, is something I would not be willing to give up.

Deciding to learn Music has been one of the best decisions of my life. Other than the countless hours of enjoyment, it has benefitted me in many ways. Classical music has given me better focus and attention to detail, and given me more patience. Jazz, with improvisation, has embellished my creativity, and helped me to work better with others, the way you would work with people in a band. I think all children should learn music, as the merits of it are endless.