VioVoi Children’s Choir: Call for auditions

As the year draws to a close, the VioVoi Music Academy is already busy preparing for 2018. This year has been especially significant because the academy grew to include the Guitar and Piano classes with excellent faculty members Thangadurai Samuel and Ajay Athreya respectively. Keeping up with our commitment to bring world class performers and educational workshops to Bangalore, we had the ‘Pi plus Duo’ and the ‘Music for Peace Project’ concerts in association with the International Music and Arts Society; the latter of which resulted in rigorous masterclasses for students all over the city in Piano, Violin, Cello and Saxophone.

2017 also marked the third season of the Bangalore Chamber Singers, the VioVoi Music Academy adult choir that presented an ambitious 16 piece program through ‘The Evolution of Song’ concert series. The Academy was pleased to have their 12 year old voice student Daniella Rebelo win the ‘Outperformers-2017’ the all India Western classical Singing Competition by the Asawari Music Foundation. This year also saw a change in our teaching methodology to include active chamber music involvement for students of all levels. With the excitement of the recently concluded VioVoi Annual concert still fresh, work for our exciting new project, the VioVoi Children’s Choir is well on its way.

With the realisation that young children can be taught a plethora of musical skills before they are ready to learn advanced singing technique, this is a program aimed at building within them a love for the arts by singing with likeminded individuals.

The VioVoi Children’s Choir program is a 1 year long program for young singers between the ages of 5 years and 12 year old where they can learn to sight sing, share ideas and express themselves musically while experiencing the magic of singing together as a choir.

The lateral benefits of this program include building confidence, working better in a team, developing a positive learning attitude and making friends for life! This program is conducted by mezzo-soprano and singing faculty Tanisha Herbert. Auditions for 2018 are open from now till December 20th, 2017. Choir practices will take place on Wednesdays from 5pm to 7pm at VioVoi Music Academy. Please contact the academy at to enquire about auditions.