Utsav Lal brings Indian ragas to New York’s iconic STEINWAY HALL

Named a Young Steinway Artist in 2010, Utsav Lal became the first Indian pianist to join this prestigious international Steinway Artists roster bringing recognition for his unique repertoire of Indian Classical music on the piano. Invited by Steinway & Sons to perform his debut concert at Steinway Hall, New York on Oct 23rd, it is a big moment when Indian ragas will resound of the iconic venue space for the first time ever. Utsav Lal will present a soulful evening raga in the traditional solo exploratory style of Alap-Jod-Jhala. Dating back centuries, with extraordinarily elaborate rules & systems to govern pitch, rhythm and structure, Indian Classical Music is one of the most ancient classical traditions on earth and at the very heart and soul of Indian music is the raga.

“A huge part of being a pianist is being able to make the instrument bend the laws of physics in a way and create illusions of other instruments, other textures. The Steinway Piano is so incredibly responsive that it feels like when you play one, you are getting a thousand instruments for the price of one. The quality of the sustain and resonance, the sheer scale of tonal nuance and the unparalleled crispness of the action all combine together to create the perfect instrument that can do anything, everything and more than what I could envision of any piano. A Steinway is `regal grandeur’ and creates a huge sense of occasion every time you play one. I am incredibly honoured and humbled to have been invited to present my music at Steinway Hall, New York” – Utsav Lal

About Steinway Hall

The legacy of New York City’s Steinway Hall is long and storied. For a century and a half, the floors of Steinway Hall, which has lived in three distinct locations throughout its existence, have rung with the footsteps of some of the greatest names in piano history. Less a physical place than a legendary essence, Steinway Hall is considered a mecca for anyone who loves music and named by pianists as the “center of the piano universe.” The first Steinway Hall was opened in 1866 in New York City. Today, Steinway Halls are located in cities such as New York City, London, Berlin, and Vienna. For 160 years, the pianos of Steinway & Sons have been considered the finest in the world thanks to superior craftsmanship and performance. Most concert halls and conservatories in Europe and America own Steinways. Great pianists need great pianos and pianists from Lang Lang to Billy Joel are Steinway artists performing on only Steinway pianos. Vladimir Horowitz, the famous Russian pianist, used to travel with his own personal Steinway when he played concerts around the world.


Megan Gillis, [email protected]