Whither the performing arts in India? Opinions, viewpoints and thoughts on the possibilities, the priorities and the potential of Western classical music in the performance arena in India – a series of in-depth questions which examine the growth of performing arts and the artists in the dynamic cultural climate that is India today.

About the Series

We present, through a series of interviews and profiles of people in the know, the answers to some hard-hitting questions such as what needs to be done to pull in the audiences and create a climate conducive to the appreciation of a great art, is Bollywood’s popularity affecting Western classical music appreciation, what is the potential for growth in India and what do these experts advise for the performing arts to flourish and take their rightful place in the sun in the times ahead.

Featuring Patricia Rozario OBE, Mark Troop, Karl Lutchmayer, Khursheed N Khurody, Nawshir D Khurody & Sangeeta Bahadur.

Question #1:

Is there a growing interest in Western Classical Music in India?

Question #3:

Is Bollywood’s popularity affecting the appreciation of the classical art forms?

Question #4:

What are your comments on the performing arts scene in India today?

Question #5:

What is your advice for the performing arts in India?

Question #6:

What is the potential for music in India?

Question #7:

Why are the arts important?


Mark Troop


Khursheed N Khurody

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