Trivandrum Academy of Western Music launches in August 2018!

Five music lovers (Satish Kamath, Hari Gopinathan, Jelaja Kumari, Mohammed Bashir and Raju Harilal) have come together to start a world-class Academy for Western instruments and Vocal skills development in Trivandrum, India, called Trivandrum Academy for Western Music (TAWM). Their vision is of an Academy that will provide the most advanced training in India, for Western instruments and voice training. They are commencing operations from August 2018.

They have the good fortune of having the guidance of Maestro Marat Bisengaliev, the internationally reputed, distinguished violinist, conductor and orchestra trainer. The Faculty will consist of musicians hand-picked by Mr Bisengaliev’s team. Each musician has a degree from some of the best conservatories in Europe. Along with performing world class concerts around India, the aim of the Academy is to identify and coach on a one-to-one student-musician basis:

  • Anyone of any age, who wants to learn or improve a musical skill
  • Very young and talented beginners from ages 6 to 12 for long term courses
  • Intermediate students of all ages, who have already reached a certain level of proficiency and wish to commit themselves to attain Comprehensive Musicianship levels, that normally would have needed them to train abroad
  • 40% of the students would be from underprivileged and special-needs background and teach them under a grants scheme provided by corporates or private philanthropes

The Academy will commence initially with teaching of Violin, Viola, Cello, Piano, Saxophone, Flute, Guitar and Voice. More instruments and also more musicians per instrument shall be added gradually, depending on the market demands, as also based on grants and support that they receive.