Top 5 Genres of Music for a Student’s Playlists to Support Your Studies

While studying in college, it can be tough to keep up with the intensive academic load. Every day, students face loads of tasks and stress. Dealing with it all and staying motivated to study productively is a real challenge. But there is a way you can help yourself out.

First of all, when lacking time or motivation to study, you can simply hire a paper writing service to do my homework for me and let professionals do the hard work. It allows you to save time and ensure good grades.

But what do you do if you have to run a study session yourself and can’t delegate? If that’s your case, all you need is the right background music! For decades, people have been studying the positive effects of music on our brains. In this article, we will tell you about the best music genres to shape your own playlist for learning, along with their proven benefits and some examples of songs to include!

1.   Classical Music

The positive benefits of this genre have been studied by many experts. According to studies, classical music has the power to make you smarter and improve cognitive functions, which makes it a great choice for your study sessions.

On top of that, it is proven to increase dopamine release and neuro connectivity in one’s brain. Thus, listening to it is believed to keep our brains healthier for years ahead as we age.

Songs to include in your playlist:

  • Eine kleine Nachtmusik, Mozart;
  • Für Elise, Beethoven;
  • The Four Seasons, Vivaldi;
  • The Blue Danube, Johann Strauss II;
  • Overture from The Marriage of Figaro, Mozart, etc.

2.   Jazz

Along with classical music, jazz is linked to a variety of benefits. According to research from the National Library of Medicine, listening to jazz creates a calming effect on the body, lowering your heart and respiratory rate. That is, it relieves stress and leads to overall mood improvement.

As for the effects on your brain, jazz is also proven to boost your focus, memory, and verbal ability. Thus, listening to it during studies can actually help you handle your tasks better and easier.

Songs to include in your playlist:

  • New York Nights, Maude De Geyndt;
  • Halfway, Ilya Mann;
  • I’d Rather Be Alone, Franz Gordon;
  • Near You, Hip Jazz Collective;
  • Misty, Ahron Kupner, etc.

3.   Epic Instrumental Music

Instrumental music has also always been a popular background genre for work and studying. First of all, since it lacks lyrics, it’s perfect for focusing and avoiding distractions. On top of that, instrumental music is known to improve blood vessel function, boost memory, improve sleep, and enhance mood.

On top of that, epic instrumental music, in particular, is a perfect option for students who need a boost in motivation. Its lively and intense sounds provide a strong uplifting effect, making you feel more inspired and motivated to study. And it’s also widely used to boost creativity.

Songs to include in your playlist:

  • Unbreakable – Live, Thomas Bergesen, Two Steps from Hell;
  • The Last Samurai Suite: Part 2; Hans Zimmer, The Disruptive Collective;
  • Titan Dream, Nick Phoenix, Two Steps from Hell;
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Hans Zimmer, Tina Guo;
  • Mombasa, Hans Zimmer, 2CELLOS, etc.

4.   Lo-Fi Hip-Hop

The following music genre isn’t as widely known as classical music or jazz. Still, lo-fi hip-hop is known to be great for students. Science confirms that this genre reduces stress, enhances focus, and thus, results in more productive study sessions.

It is also known to block out distractions and boost brain activity, making you perform better. Thus, when you feel too tired to handle your tasks, you can either delegate your homework to the best assignment services or try putting on some lo-fi hip-hop in the background. It can really make a difference.

Songs to include in your playlist:

  • The Xprt, Pete Rock;
  • Bless U, Twit One;
  • Rooftop, Cookin Soul, FS green;
  • Lake Tahoe, pucca, by the way;
  • Chicago, Cookin Soul, etc.

5.   Nature Sounds

Finally, the last one on our list is nature sounds. Although this is not exactly a music genre, such sounds can be a perfect background for your study sessions. Numerous studies revealed the positive effects that nature sounds have on human bodies and brains. Such sounds reduce pain and stress and lead to an enhancement in mood.

Also, they boost productivity and cognitive performance, which is why they are often recommended to students.

Songs to include in your playlist:

  • Alpine Echos, Tracks of Nature;
  • Birdsong in the Spring Sunshine, Nature Sounds;
  • Nature Sounds & Brown Noise, Julia Sono;
  • 8D Relaxing Nature Sounds With Water and Forest, 8D Audio;
  • Birds in the Sun, When Doves Cry (FX), etc.

The Bottom Line

Each of these genres is linked to numerous benefits backed by science. Playing each of them in the background during your study sessions can help you study better and easier. So don’t wait any longer. Pick the perfect genre for you and craft a playlist that will help you succeed!