The world’s first ‘turntable orchestra’

This philharmonic orchestra comprises 31 DJs playing records and zero musical instruments.

In honour of Japan’s annual “Record Day”, which celebrates the moment LPs were first released in 1948, audio brand Technics assembled a rather eccentric orchestra, made up entirely of DJs with turntables.

The orchestra, which calls itself the Philharmonic Turntable Orchestra, comprises 31 DJs, including famous ones like Qbert, Mr Swich, Swamp, and Kentaro, who all play turntables.

The intriguing orchestra, which is apparently the first of its kind, used eight classical vinyl records which the DJs mashed up, remixed and scratched to create an original composition. The records included Vivaldi’s Spring, Rossini’s Girls of the Aged, and the first 12-inch ever released: Nathan Milstein and the New York Philharmonic Orchestra’s rendition of Mendelssohn’s Concerto in E minor.

To understand how it all came together, watch the “behind the beats” video below:

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