The MMA Choir & Orchestra presents Handel’s Messiah

The Madras Musical 
Association (MMA) Choir and Orchestra will present one of the 
greatest and most loved  oratorios of all time, George Frideric Handel’s “Messiah” on Sunday, March 31, 2019, at The
 Museum Theatre, Egmore. The MMA Choir will present a 
selection of pieces including choruses and solos in a two-hour presentation. The
 concert will be conducted by Augustine Paul, Music Director, The Madras Musical Association and the Orchestra will be led by Earl Joseph.

Music Director, Augustine Paul, said,

“Messiah has a variety of solos which will be performed by soloists from the choir, who will step up and sing the solos as
well as sing along with the choir. I am happy that the MMA today has this array of talent. We are happy
 to present Messiah to the city. This is a body of work that brings joy and lifts the human spirit and some of
 the choruses are personal favourites of millions of

Earl Joseph, the young concertmaster, opines

“I’ve been a part of this orchestra for 2 years. Being the concertmaster for the MMA orchestra has its own challenges, but I feel satisfied with the amount of hard work we have invested in this concert. The conductor, Augustine Paul and I have a very good understanding and I have worked with him in few other projects as well. I’m grateful to God for this opportunity to lead the MMA orchestra in this rendition of Handel’s sacred oratario, “Messiah”.

Over the years, the MMA has performed selections from
Messiah multiple times. For this concert, a
 total of 36 pieces will be sung by the choir sharing the
 story of Christ’s life in three sections from his birth, life, death, resurrection and the second coming.

The MMA Choir is currently 100 strong.
 These voices will be joined by the 25-piece MMA
 Orchestra in the presentation of the Messiah. “I enjoy working with 
the choir and orchestra for Handel’s masterpiece.  Every time you work on this piece new intricacies surface and bring new meaning and dimension to each chorus and aria.” says Augustine Paul.
 The MMA is committed to nurturing musicians of all
ages to ensure that the tradition of classical western
music is kept alive. These talented musicians bring a
 high degree of excellence in their presentation and 
each event is eagerly looked forward to.

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