The MMA Choir heads to Dubai Opera

The Madras Musical Association Choir (MMA) will be performing at the prestigious Dubai Opera on Thursday February 20th, 2020. This performance by the MMA Choir is at the invitation of The Holy Trinity Church at Dubai that celebrates their 50th year, through an ensemble of choral performances by four International choirs and a full-fledged orchestra titled Musica Gloria.

The 77 voice strong MMA Choir, which is into its 127th year, will be presenting 4 chorales and then joining three other choirs in the grand finale. The finale to the evening concert at the Dubai Opera will see over 250 voices and musicians perform G F Handel’s, Dixit Dominus as the main piece.

The MMA Choir is the sole invitee from India participating in Musica Gloria. The other choirs include, the Dubai Camerata Singers, the Kuwait Chamber Chorale and the Dubai Chamber choir. They will be accompanied by the Emirates Community Symphony Orchestra.

Speaking about the impending trip, Mr. Augustine Paul, Music Director, the MMA said,

“It’s a great honour for us to sing at the prestigious Dubai Opera. This is a venue that regularly hosts some of the world’s most outstanding talents. It’s a sheer privilege for the MMA choir to perform at this venue. 77 of us have been practicing for over 2 months to perfect our presentation and the choir is eager to perform at this great venue. Tours like these add to our experience and exposes our choir to a high level of musical standard.”

Ms. Mary Rodrigues, President, the MMA said,

“It’s a tribute to our capability that we get such invitations. The discipline and rich talent of the choir is our greatest strength. It’s a proud moment for us and the choir is filled with enthusiasm at the opportunity to perform at the Dubai Opera.”

Musica Gloria is an ensemble of choral performances in six languages that culminates in a spectacular finale comprising of over 250 voices and musicians.

Since its inception in 1893, the Madras Musical Association Choir comprising of around 90 voices, several with international accreditations, have excelled in performing across a wide range of musical genres including classical, spiritual, jazz and pop. Directed by Augustine Paul, the MMA Choir’s has several national and international laurels to their credit, which include sterling performances at the Sydney Olympics, London Olympics, Rome, Vienna, Singapore and Colombo.