The best platforms for streaming classical music in 2022

Classical music has always had a dedicated and loyal following behind it, but it certainly lags behind mainstream pop music and many of the modern-day music makers that are being played by radio stations and headlining most major music festivals. From talented musicians to legendary composers and pianists such as Ludwig van Beethoven, classical music is still being listened to despite the evident competition. There always will be a demand for it.

When it comes to consumption, though, listening to classical music isn’t always as easily accessible as following rock music is, for example. Simply put, classical music doesn’t dominate the mainstream music media and has perhaps fallen into the background slightly in the modern climate. Thankfully, there are ways to access the very best classical music from around the world still, with people turning to a variety of music streaming services in 2022. 

With classical music fans turning to a selection of music streaming services at the moment, let’s take a look at some of the best options around in an attempt to help you find your way through the music streaming maze.


Widely regarded as being one of the best classical music streaming services, Idagio has everything a classical music fan would need. From an array of tracks from artists around the world to a fantastic range of editorial material, including playlists from a whole variety of classical stars, it’s a streaming service that is clearly aimed at classical music diehards. It’s worth noting, though, that the sound quality could almost certainly be improved. Hopefully, in time, Idagio will address this particular issue.


A favoured option for many classical music lovers right now, Qobuz is known for its detailed selection of classical music classics that are better presented than many of the major services like Spotify offer, for instance. Not only are tracks easily accessible, with the sound quality being particularly impressive, but there is plenty of editorial material alongside each track to help keep you in the know. Although Qobuz’s slightly more expensive price might put some potential users off, it’s certainly worth it once you’ve discovered some of the most talented composers around.


You’ve most definitely heard of Spotify and undoubtedly associate it with pop music and the like, which is correct, but there is still a worthwhile selection of classical music to dive into. Perhaps Spotify’s most appealing aspect is its affordability, especially given the rising cost of living these days and the various cutbacks people are making. If you’re keen to access a decent service at a price that won’t break the bank, then Spotify still has plenty of classical options on there.