TEMPSO brings state-of-the-art classical streaming interface to Spotify and Apple Music users

TEMPSO, a new streaming interface for classical music, is now available for Spotify and Apple Music listeners. Designed specifically for classical music, TEMPSO offers a unique way to discover the classical music repertoire with a catalogue of more than a million tracks, 37,000 compositions, thousands of albums and performers.

TEMPSO was built to make classical music more accessible and friendly for beginners, enthusiasts and musicians. TEMPSO’s seamless integration with Apple Music and Spotify achieves just that at no additional cost for existing subscribers.

Because traditional music streaming platforms are pop-driven, their structure only allows for three search categories: song, artist, and album. Classical music is available on these major streaming services, but the numerous criteria that make each classical recording unique – composer, work, conductor, orchestra, soloist, and more – are missing from the structure. As a result, classical music lovers who use those conventional services struggle with the lack of user-friendly search options, and the unsatisfactory search results they generate. Musicians and their recordings can be found only with difficulty or not at all, drastically reducing visibility for classical artists on these platforms. In addition, first-time listeners are leſt with fewer options to discover classical music and understand its structure.

By contrast, TEMPSO has developed a data model and user interface that organizes and displays classical recordings in a clean, clear, and easily accessible way. Listeners can choose from a rich audio library that allows them to compare, for example, dozens of versions of Bach’s Goldberg Variations. Listeners can also explore performers, and access their full discographies by composers, labels and many more filters. TEMPSO’s rich data model finally allows listeners to take the backseat with automated and curated playlists that will take them on endless musical journeys.

TEMPSO is available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store. Users can download the app and browse the catalogue without a Spotify or Apple Music account. However, users will be asked to connect TEMPSO to their Spotify Premium account or Apple Music account to listen to recordings. Once the link has been established between TEMPSO and those services, listeners can stay on TEMPSO and listen to the entire catalogue from the TEMPSO app directly.

TEMPSO is rated 5 stars on both App Store and Google Play Store.


TEMPSO is built between Paris, San Francisco and Los Angeles by a team of three entrepreneurs that share the same passion for classical music and a knack for digital technologies. The founding team includes Aymeric Auberger, in charge of the technological development of the application, Hadrien Sablon, in charge of TEMPSO’s proprietary data- model, and Pierre Pariente, in charge of the product design.

Aymeric Auberger is Full-Stack Engineer based in Paris. Aſter working as a Digital Content Manager and Online Marketer in various record labels, Aymeric taught himself to code by building small websites and video games centered on music. Since 2016, he has worked as a full-time web developer and CTO for various small companies, gathering experience in all the fields associated with building, scaling and maintaining web and native applications.

Hadrien Sablon is a Data Scientist based in San Francisco. Over the last 10 years, he has developed AI solutions across many industries ranging from Finance, Healthcare to the world of Cloud computing with AWS. Growing up in a family of musicians, he has always been a classical music enthusiast and has studied music theory and practiced the saxophone at National School Music Dance And Drama in Villeurbanne.

Pierre Pariente is a Product Designer based in Los Angeles. In addition to building TEMPSO’s user experience and interface, Pierre has designed and built mobile and web applications in a variety of industries for the last 10 years. Pierre Pariente also graduated from the Conservatoire de Versailles in clarinet and music theory in 2010 and is an amateur classical music pianist.

The founding team his proud to release TEMPSO to a larger audience and and share their commitment to bring classical music to the forefront of music streaming!