Musée Musical Invites Applications for its Acclaimed International Pre-College Music Program

Musée Musical, a renowned authority in Western musical instruments and education, is proud to invite applications of its highly anticipated International Pre-College Music Program (IPCMP). Designed to prepare aspiring musicians for undergraduate studies in music at international universities and music conservatories, the IPCMP offers a comprehensive curriculum and expert guidance to foster the development of well-rounded musicians.

The decision to establish the IPCMP was driven by the vision of Musée Musical to create a vibrant music community enriched with cultural, social, and intellectual diversity, inspiring inquiring minds to engage with the essence of music. With a legacy spanning 180 years, Musée Musical has earned widespread acclaim for its commitment to excellence in music education, having successfully prepared over 20,000 students for music exams and provided a comprehensive range of musical instrument servicing and sales throughout India.

Reflecting on the journey of establishing the IPCMP, Dean of Studies, Karl Lutchmayer, acknowledged the challenges encountered. “Attempting to transplant the best training for young musicians from Europe to India was never going to be an easy task,” he stated. “However, we have witnessed a remarkable transformation in awareness among parents and children, who now recognize that a musical career in modern India allows creativity and entrepreneurship to converge, benefiting communities far beyond.”

Despite facing obstacles, Musée Musical has triumphed over adversity, learning from mistakes and adapting amidst the pandemic. Leveraging the virtual classroom, the institution now offers the best education with reduced travel requirements. Dean Lutchmayer, a passionate educator, expressed his delight in teaching the weekly music history class for all students, drawing inspiration from the tutorial methods employed at Oxford University.

The IPCMP curriculum encompasses individual instruction in piano, voice, and strings, supplemented by group classes in music theory, musicianship, improvisation, composition, music history, and chamber music. The two-year program provides flexibility to accommodate the unique needs of each student, ensuring their full potential is realized. Aspiring musicians enrolled in the IPCMP will receive expert guidance and support, empowering them to embark on a journey of musical excellence and pursue their passion at prestigious international institutions.

Musée Musical invites interested individuals to register by clicking here.

By embracing this exciting venture, Musée Musical aims to shape the future of music education and equip aspiring musicians with the necessary tools to reach new heights of excellence.

About Musée Musical

Established in 1842, Musée Musical is a distinguished authority in Western musical instruments and music education. With an unwavering commitment to meeting the evolving needs of teachers, students, and musicians, Musée Musical has been a trusted resource for music connoisseurs of all backgrounds. Proudly representing Trinity College, London since 1901, Musée Musical has fostered a legacy of excellence in preparing students for music exams and nurturing a diverse music community.