IDAGIO launches Apple Watch app for free classical music streaming

IDAGIO becomes one of the first free apps made available to Apple Watch users globally. Users can enjoy classical music through the independent Apple Watch app.

Leading streaming service for classical music, IDAGIO, is the first classical music streaming service offering an independent Apple Watch app. The independent IDAGIO Apple Watch app was built to bring seamless, one-click access to classical music. IDAGIO’s mission is to enrich people’s lives through classical music and use technology to open the genre to people around the world. The app gives every user the ability to listen to classical music for free, offering remote streaming on the go, with no login or sign in required. The IDAGIO Apple Watch app is designed to simplify music selection by matching sets of playlists with moods and offering curated content for each listener without needing to use their phone.

The IDAGIO Apple Watch app offers three main features creating an easy-access listening experience:

  • Discover: With just one click, users have access to instant playback of recommended tracks from the IDAGIO catalogue.
  • Mood: The Mood feature  lets users select how they feel –  for example Relaxed, Powerful, Peaceful, Happy, Gentle or Excited  –  and the app plays music to compliment their mindset.
  • Curated: Selected playlists  –  such as Daily Reflection, Piano Party, Ocean Escape and more  –  are available to match a range of activities, from meditating to working out.

The IDAGIO Apple Watch app will be one of the very first free apps that will be available on the independent Apple Watch App Store with the launch of watchOS 6 on 19 September 2019.