How To Start Your Journey As A Classical Musician

Music has been an essential and integral part of history. If you have ever heard classical music in solitude, you must have experienced the quality of peace and pleasure the ancient instruments embody.

Being a classical musician is all about being one with your cultural roots. Whether it be western or Indian, the similarity in the essence of classical music makes its journey one of the most beautiful. If you have just begun this path or are thinking of starting it, you are up for a thrilling, peaceful, and heart-warming ride. So, let us see how you can begin this journey.

Find A Good Teacher

If you are going to start learning something from scratch, the last thing you would want is to learn it from an amateur or someone who isn’t good at imparting true wisdom. So, finding a good teacher becomes very important. But how do you find a good teacher when you have no idea about the subject? Well, it depends. Maybe you have a friend or a family member who knows a good teacher. But generally, that’s not the case. So what I would suggest is to start doing research. Research that includes looking for people around you who are also interested in classical music and can guide you to a good teacher. You can also start learning the basics of classical music, watching teachers teaching on YouTube (you’ll find plenty), and then taking notes of what makes them a good teacher. Finally, you can also visit numerous teachers and watch their process closely. You can even try and mingle with the students in their classes and look for honest opinions. If you take your time to research the teacher and understand the basics, you’ll come across some of the best teachers willing to pour their hearts into providing you with proper knowledge (this is very important for the next point).

Trust Your Teacher Blindly

So, you found a great teacher. Now you must ensure you are getting all the wisdom you can because not everyone is as lucky to have a great teacher as you. And how do you do that? By trusting your teacher blindly. Some might think this does not seem right because you shouldn’t trust anyone blindly. Well, that is also true, but think of it this way. Assume that you started learning a new language(Japanese). Now, will there be a point where you can debate with your teacher and say that he is teaching wrong? I’ll assume no because why would you. You don’t know what the hell Japanese is supposed to sound like. Well, the same goes for classical music. You might think you know a few things about music, and maybe you do. But knowing a few words of language does not at all mean that you understand it (even a bit). I have followed my music teacher blindly (at least for a few months) which did wonders later.

Patience Is the Key

Music is still one of the most complex arts to pursue in this world where everything is quick and easy. No one has become a master in just a year or two. People don’t even see that they are getting better because the changes are so slow. If you understand that making music a way of life is far better than trying to learn everything quickly, you’ll have less time to be miserable. All music asks from you is patience and persistence. All the other things will fall into the right places once you have both.


Some of the most excellent musicians worldwide understood that consistency is the key to being a master. If you practice four days a week, or less, you are not being consistent. You also don’t have to put in hours and hours in the beginning. You just must practice every day, no matter how small the time frame is. The vibe is clearly a very cliché word, but I will use it because you need to have a vibe of music around you. Being in touch with art makes it grow like consistent sunlight, and proper minerals help a plant become an enormous, giant tree that gives away delicious fruits.


Music has the power to mould our emotions and turn the world upside down. Being a musician means being part of humanity that nurtures its surroundings and relieves us from the materialistic world we live in. If you are lucky enough, it might even transcend your soul into another dimension from time to time. Therefore, starting your musical journey with a heart full of love and devotion provides the necessary outlet. Once you get long enough into music learning, you see the world far more meaningful. So, follow your passion and learn to love your journey. Because it is a journey with no end.