How to Plan Your Next Music Event: 5 Tips for an Extraordinary Gig

Listening to your favorite music or band is way different from watching them perform live on stage. A live performance comes with an exhilarating experience that will remain etched in your memory forever. You also meet and connect with people from diverse cultures and age groups making the experience even better.

Read on to understand the step-by-step procedure of organizing a killer gig. They include:

Creating a Budget

Organizing an event is not a walk in the park. It requires a lot of planning and execution. The activities involved consume money and time and if you fail to properly budget, you may end up broke or worse still flop the event.

You need to create an event budget template that can be edited depending on the nature of the event you are organizing. The budget should cover expenses like the venue, infrastructure like a stage, pavement signs, music system, talent buying, and security. Always record everything to ensure all the logistics get covered.

Invite Talent

You need to invite performing artists that people love and enjoy jamming to their songs. Next, analyze the concert attendees’ age and type of event. If you are holding a rap event, you need to get artists that people love like Jay Z or Nas depending on your budget. High profile artists attract huge crowds but are costly to invite to your event. 

When inviting talent, consider who your audience would want to listen to and line those artists up for your concert. It would be wise if you worked with local talent compared to international artists. You won’t need a lot of money to pay for their transport and accommodation.

Set Up Your Venue

After getting all your performing talent, you need to choose where to hold the event. If it’s an indoor event, you need to look for a club or a casino with a huge space. Most clubs have a stage so you won’t need to hire one. However, if you decide it’s an outdoor event, you need to source for an outdoor venue like a stadium or a park.

Start promoting the venue by geotagging the location to the potential event attendees. You also need to consider the parking facilities and how close they are to the venue to mitigate the issue of traffic in and out of the venue.

Set the Concert Date

At this juncture, you already know who will perform and who won’t perform. Check calendars of similar events in the same venue or the locality to ensure they don’t overlap. You can create a campaign on social media hyping the event to create buzz. You can also send emails and reminders and set up your ticket sale online for convenience and to get a maximum number of attendees in the event.

If your event overlaps with other events in the month, you need to contact all the stakeholders involved like the performing artists, the event’s venue owners to advise them on the new occurrences. Communication is crucial in keeping everything professional.

In addition to online promotion, consider creating buzz for your local event by setting up posters and distributing flyers throughout the community. These tangible materials can help reach potential attendees who may not be active on social media or checking their emails regularly. Ensure that your posters and flyers contain eye-catching visuals and essential event details to attract local interest and maximize attendance. Effective offline promotion can complement your online efforts and make your event a standout success.

Have an Event Logistics

Whether you are holding a huge or a small event, you need speakers and public announcers for the concert. In most cases, the venue comes with the speakers, however, if the venue does not have a speaker, organize to get them privately. If you intend to hold the event outside, get the speakers and a stag and set them up. You will also need lighting experts to help you with lighting and sound.

You need to organize with the local government for licenses and permits to hold the event. Some events require you to pay for music copyrights and also be compliant with the environmental regulations dealing with noise pollution.

You also need to recruit your human resource team. If it’s a huge event, you need all hands on deck. Hiring experts especially when it comes to sound and security. Events need security personnel with knowledge of handling security issues that may arise in events like fights, theft, and even lawlessness. You also need to come up with strategies to ensure that the event is terror-proof.


A great event will not only bolster your reputation as an expert event organizer but will also make you good money. However, a flop concert may hinder your chances of ever holding a successful event in the future especially, with a poor reputation. Therefore, following the above tips will make your concert a success.