Helpful Tips in Playing Spanish Guitar Chords

Playing a Spanish guitar chord can be challenging, but challenges make it exciting for musicians. The music you can produce as you play this kind of guitar chords is unique and overwhelming, especially when you use Spanish guitar chords with strumming techniques. As someone with a passion for guitar playing, the tips you’ll learn today will significantly help you understand different Spanish guitar chords smoothly.

What is a Spanish Guitar?

A Spanish guitar, also known as classical guitar, is a wooden acoustic instrument. It sounds different from other acoustic guitars because of its nylon strings. This guitar was originally called a vihuela, a guitar with a plucked string that first appeared in Spain around the 15th century.

Another meaning of the word Spanish Guitar is a Spanish music style often associated with flamenco music. A flamenco is similar to a Spanish guitar instrument. The differences are minimal, including the loudness and flamenco’s structure that has a lowered action, making it easier and faster to play than the classical ones. But, flamenco also uses Spanish guitar music chords and has unique strumming techniques that music lovers can often recognize quickly.

What You Need to Remember When Taking Spanish Chord Guitar Lessons

Unlike other guitars, a Spanish guitar chord is not easy to learn because of its challenging finger technique, chord progression, and structure. But still, its rich culture and sweet tone make it worthy of time and effort. So, many guitar players often make extensive efforts and take lessons to be able to play it. With these essential tips, you will be guided on learning to play the Spanish guitar chords that you want.

Learn the Spanish Guitar Playing Techniques

Because the strings of classical and flamenco guitars are non-metal, you only have to do the fingerpicking technique and let your index finger do the strumming. You have to ensure that your nail length is appropriate so it won’t restrict you from playing. In playing a Spanish chord, you need to strum with a little force, but not too powerful. Otherwise, you won’t get that sweet tone and might even hurt yourself. Besides that, it would help you a lot if you practice more and enhance your muscle memory as fingerpicking in Spanish guitars is complex.

Start with the Basics

As a beginner in playing Spanish guitar chords, you should start with the basics. Jumping into hard chords can make it extremely difficult for starters. You can start with playing the chord of the music Bésame Mucho, a popular Spanish song written by a Mexican composer, Consuelo Velázquez. You can also try La Cucaracha, a famous ballad song that has a great and metaphoric concept.

Watch the Professionals Play

Another way that you can do to be inspired and learn faster is by watching famous guitarists play Spanish chords. The professional musicians will provide you with the kind of music you like and give you the motivation to play better. When you watch someone else, you can observe the movements and learn some useful techniques and styles.

For this reason, you should watch live Spanish guitar music concerts when you get the chance. It will give you the opportunity to see how it is actually done. If not, you can watch online video performances and tutorials for step by step guide. There are many tutorials for beginners that will help you get started. Besides that, you can listen to Spanish Guitar recordings to be familiar with the rhythm and harmony.

Participate in Guitar Courses

While online videos will teach you to play a Spanish chord, it can still be too complicated to do things by yourself. Participating in guitar courses and having a guitar coach will be beneficial, especially because of the complexity of Spanish chords. Taking guitar classes will help you focus and be disciplined as you practice. People tend to pay more attention and avoid distractions when there is someone guiding them directly.

A guitar course will also help you be more confident about what you do because you know that you are getting the guide of a professional guitar player. Besides, when someone watches over your practice, you tend to bring out the best and show your creativity in terms of music. You’ll get even more inspired because you have another person who believes in you.

There are costs indeed when enrolling yourself in guitar courses, but what you will learn is something valuable. If you think you can manage to practice on your own, that will definitely work, as long as you are dedicated to what you do. But if you know that you need help, investing in one will also be beneficial. It can enhance the skills you already have and maximize your true potential when it comes to playing Spanish guitar chords.

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