© Jiyang Chen


I was invited by my alma mater, Pomona College, to take part in a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the gorgeous concert hall on campus, Bridges Hall of Music, affectionately known as Little Bridges. Here’s a photo of me outside the hall the afternoon before the concert:


And here’s what the inside looks like:


There were eight of us invited to play and the organiser wanted to represent the widest range of music possible on the program. Here’s the lineup:



Hopefully you can see that the solo piece I offered was the 6th Barcarolle by Fauré.  Here’s a shot of me during the performance:


After that I played the Sonatine by Dutilleux with Katharine Rawdon, a flutist who graduated the same year as me and now lives in Portugal. She’s the principal player in the national symphony and opera orchestra there. She and I are making plans to come to India in November with the third member of our trio:


At the end of the program I played Rossini’s Adieux à la vie with the wonderful soprano Lucy Shelton. That was a big thrill for me. She’s premiered over 100 new works, including 60 that were written for her by the most important composers in the world. She’s really terrific. Here’s a shot of the two of us together:


And here’s the final bow with all the performers:


My most cherished professor came to the concert. He’s now 89 years old and has been retired for quite a while. But he’s in amazing shape. His name is Karl Kohn and he’s a wonderful composer who introduced all of us to the oldest and also the newest western music. I was so thrilled to be able to play for him after all this time.


Several of Katharine’s and my classmates came to town specially to hear both of us play. We had a series of celebrations all through the weekend after the concert. It was very meaningful to get to share our work with all these professors, colleagues, and classmates.