Finding Your Musical Side Hustle: Exploring Opportunities Beyond Performances

Music is one of the few passions shared by most of humanity.

While we all prefer different musical genres and artists, music remains a crucial part of life. Many people can be found humming their favorite tunes or beats while showering or enjoying karaoke sessions; others attend concerts featuring their favorites because music means so much to them.

People who are truly passionate about music may even attempt to turn it into an income source. While only a select few ever-become professional artists and sign mega-money record deals with major record labels that allow them to tour around, that does not mean there is not money out there that we can make ourselves.

While it will only pale in comparison to the amounts that these talented individuals can earn, music lovers are able to forge a side hustle with their passion for music. There are various ways in which this can be achieved, too!

Music teaching and tutoring

One of the most popular side hustles that exist within music is teaching and tutoring. While the industry is competitive and there will need to be a certain level of ability required, it can be a great way to make some money from a passion that is loved. If you are able to sing and can coach others, or able to play an instrument to a certain grade and can teach others to do so, then there is a demand for those skills as so many continue to look to try and learn.

Teaching and tutoring have become easier than ever with the advent of the internet, too. The developments in technology and the creation of online classes via video communication software mean a teacher no longer needs to be in the same room as a student.

Sell Music as Royalty-Free

Selling music as royalty-free can be an excellent way to promote it and perhaps get noticed, while simultaneously earning extra income through something you care deeply about. Royalty-free licensing agreements permit individuals and companies to use your songs commercially for a fee without paying royalties; by selling your songs royalty-free, you give up all rights to any future royalties from that song.

Again, the rise of the internet has made this easier than ever before to cash in from. Creators are able to upload their songs to platforms that are specifically designed to host royalty-free music, where they can then sell it and receive a fee from those that wish to use it.

Music transcription

In recent years, there has been a growing need for people who have a talent for listening to music and being able to know exactly what notes and beats are being played. Transcriptionists are now in demand, as they are able to put the music into written form, which can then be used by educators or learners.

Transcription services can easily be found on the internet through freelance sites and on job boards. Again, it can be a very competitive market and one that can be difficult to break into to begin with, but if you can show examples of your work, there is every chance that it could become a potentially successful side hustle in the future.

Music blogging and online reviews

Arguably the most popular way to potentially make money as a side hustle about one of your passions is to become a blogger. Writing a number of articles and leaving online reviews showing your knowledge, flair, and passion for music can be a great way to earn some extra income.

Again, it is an incredibly competitive field, and there will need to be some writing skill alongside an obvious passion for music. Still, with music blogs and reviews always looking for new people with their own opinions, there is always openings that could potentially be applied for. It may take a little time to get in the door, but if you show enough passion and commitment, then there is every chance that it can become a successful gig.

Side hustles can become full-time roles

While each of the aforementioned roles has been noted as potential side hustles, those that do have a passion for music can potentially turn them into full-time roles. If you are good enough, show dedication, and are willing to learn, then there is every chance that you can make it your main source of employment.

It is hard, which is why so many start as side hustles, but anything is possible.