Empowering lives through music

With its quaint name, many who hear of this Bangalore based music school ask if they have heard correctly and sometimes how it is pronounced. The name is in fact a hybrid of the two instruments the institute provides specialised training in; the Violin and the Voice.

The VioVoi Music Academy nurtures musical talent with a combination of solo and ensemble training. The Chamber music program for the instrumentalists and the Academy’s in-house choir provide an accessible platform for bettering collaborative music making skills. The Bangalore Chamber Singers specialises in working on a variety of music genres ranging from Opera to Pop and Broadway, all while applying healthy singing technique to ensure quality music.Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 12.21.57 PM

Since its inception, the Academy has presented a plethora of concerts and workshops relating to music performance and music education from International Artistes and educators. This has helped them keep in touch with relevant performing practices from around the world.

Soprano Tanisha Herbert and Violinist Arun Rozario, co-founders of the VioVoi Music Academy believe that Classical music is the common language that unifies people of all cultures, across the world. Using the most current teaching methods and inventing methods of teaching to understand the complex science that is music, this pair believes in a constantly evolving method of training musicians.

They are prime examples of chasing down a dream and living it. The Human Resources professional and Engineer had corporate careers of their own, but kept music going throughout their lives while steadily qualifying themselves as competent musicians. There came a point when a choice had to be made and the music won. Passionate about their music, they also endorse a career in music as a successful choice.

This Music Academy strives to offer a comprehensive education in western classical music to enable students to pursue their higher education or a career in music in India and abroad. The Academy also prepares students for internationally recognised music exams.


What sets the Academy apart from the usual is how their style of teaching provides an intelligent understanding of one’s instrument and music making, to forge a lifelong love for the arts. With a dream to feature India prominently on the world map for western classical music excellence, the VioVoi Music Academy is actively invested in preserving and promoting classical music in the country by empowering lives through music.


This article was written with Tanisha Herbert.