Deirdre Lobo launches One Voice Institute of Music & Art (OVIMA) Global

We at OVIMA Global strive to build confidence in students, develop self-expression, treat fellow students with kindness, respect, and perform to the best of one’s individual  ability! As an organization, we focus on holistically educating and developing the student, with a structured and progressive curriculum that is designed to work with the student’s intellectual, artistic, professional, and individual abilities, setting them up to succeed in all aspects of their lives.  


It all started way back in 1984, in Manila, Philippines where Artistic Director, Deirdre Lobo was pursuing her Undergraduate studies in music.

One day I will start a complete performing arts institute that will offer all areas of music and art education in preparation for collegiate music or arts studies. – Deirdre Lobo

So, in 2015, Deirdre founded the CELIA LOBO ACADEMY OF VOICE (CLAV) a vocal academy to carry on the musical legacy of her mother, Celia Lobo, India’s ONLY Opera Diva serving students in the USA and India, offering one-on-one and group classes to students in Voice / Singing and Musical Theatre. In 2019 CLAV collaborated with the Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto, CANADA making available to students, a very high standard curriculum, and music examinations. It was at this time that the seeds of OVIMA Global were being sown, and talks of not just a Vocal Academy as in CLAV but a complete music and arts institute. With its high-end training, performance, structured, and progressive curriculum, in January 2020, OVIMA Global (One Voice Institute of Music and Art), was born, however, the Institute was officially launched on September 6, 2020.


The Institute offers courses in Drama, Speech Arts, Musical Theatre, Chorus, Dance, Visual Arts, and all Instruments. At OVIMA Global we have Non-Certificate and Certificate programs in various areas of study, Seasonal Programs such as our Camps, Workshops and Clinics, Quarterly Jam Sessions, Professional Master Classes, In-Class Performances, Student Recitals, and Faculty Concerts.


Believe – Visualize – Touch Lives – Make a Difference!


1. We are the only Music and Arts Online Global Institute offering one-on-one and group classes to students ages 4 years to adults, in all of these popular areas of study: piano / keyboard; guitar; voice; strings; woodwinds; brass; recorder; percussion; dance & movement; drama; speech arts; musical theatre; songwriting and composition; and executive speaking and teaching various Genres of music.

2. We are one of a kind Music and Art Institute offering fully structured and progressive programs, from Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced-Professional at an international level, aligned with accredited universities and curricula where we test and send up students for examinations.

3. We have a proven track record of offering quality music and arts education ALL year round, trusted by over 1,000 families over a period of ten years.

4. We have teachers, from various ethnic backgrounds, located globally, and with either international college training, musical training, or professional performance experience, dedicated to learning about your personal artistic goals, and helping you to achieve them. 

5. We are the only Music and Arts Institute that offers classes seven days a week globally, from early morning to late at night on various time zones.

6. We are one of the only global performing arts institutes that offers Free Student Recitals and multiple other performance opportunities in a Quarter.

7. OVIMA Global offers full time professional customer service for its students seven days a week. 

8. We inspire our  students by giving them the opportunity to earn special trophies, certificates,  awards, etc., for passing tests in their artistic area of study.

9. Since we are a global Institute, we are able to be a ‘full service’ Institute. This allows us to offer classes as early as 9 a.m. in your time zone, and we see many students between the hours of 11 a.m.-2 p.m. 

10. We offer class times for Homeschoolers, Retirees, College Students & Working Professionals.  


As an organization, OVIMA Global intends to be working on multiple time zones apart from the India Standard Time, and Pacific Standard Time serving students in All Areas of Study all over the Globe online and offline. We are a Pre-College Preparatory Institute preparing students for studies in the Performing and Visual Arts. Our mission is to serve all students. With that said, we intend to continue collaborating with organizations and institutes serving the underprivileged and socially challenged. Our most recent collaboration was with the Sneha Foundation in India.


  • Class Calendar
  • Music and Performing Arts Camps this Summer (May-June-July-Aug)
  • Workshop Series
  • Faculty Concert on May 15 & 16, 2021
  • Other OVIMA Events



“My daughter is shy and soft. When she first started classes at OVIMA Global, she would whisper instead of singing. Two quarters in, I have seen a drastic improvement in her confidence and singing, so much so that I saw her singing in public at a party. It’s a big deal for her. I love Ms. Lobo because she never lets us drop the ball. She wants to make sure students make the best of the class. If this means giving them tough love, she will not hesitate. What I like about OVIMA Global, is that student progress is tracked. If Ms. Lobo is not the main teacher, she will make sure that the teachers she hires are as good as her.”


“My daughter Reina Kapur has been doing voice lessons with OVIMA Global and their artistic director, Deirdre Lobo, for a while now. I can see a complete change in her vocal abilities, breathing, singing and song projection even though the classes are online. We haven’t found a better teacher than Deirdre for Reina! I love the idea of the weekly jam sessions, highlighting quarterly performances, as it helps bring the entire OVIMA community together. Each child has the opportunity to see another perform. We look forward to more artistic programs that OVIMA offers, such as song writing, composition, musical theater… the list goes on and on!“



“Deirdre did a workshop for 70 of my students in Mumbai…. Anybody studying under Deirdre can only benefit greatly by her expertise and developing their voice and learning healthy vocal technique.”


“Deirdre is an excellent voice coach who trained my 20 principal singers for my production of Jesus Christ Superstar-2014. The result was remarkable…high caliber of singing. It is rare to come across a professional as devoted as Deirdre. It is not only her skill but her psychological approach to coaching that makes her unique. The Cast of Jesus Christ Superstar fell in love with her. My eternal thanks to this diva for her unstinting devotion to my production.” 

ALYQUE PADAMSEE, Actor / Director

“I began studying with Deirdre in January 2010. I’ve always enjoyed her classes because she is a WONDERFUL teacher and also has a great sense of humour! She instils so much confidence in me that it has helped me in my work. She is such a positive person that it leads you to believe you can be Beyonce or Charlotte Church!”

TARA SUTARIA, Actress & Singer 

“Deidre was the drama director from 2006 to 2011 at Our Lady of Mercy School where I served as principal. She masterfully directed shows including Down Broadway, Cascades II, From Rags to Riches and Godspell. She had an ability to bring out the best in each of her cast members.“ 

ARLENE FIFE, Retired Principal Our Lady of Mercy School, California, USA

“Ms. Lobo knows her craft very well and is able to make her / our students deliver so very well. I personally am in awe as to how she does her work so efficiently and effectively. Getting many students to come together in a production is, by no means, an easy feat but she skillfully does it, bringing all pieces together in every production she has taken the lead at our school.” 

JEFFREY BURGOS, Principal Our Lady of Mercy Catholic School, California, USA

“Mrs. Lobo did an excellent job of guiding students through the art of dra- matic performances. Students were exposed to all aspects of a performance, from building sets and costumes to taking on lead roles. The students and parents were very excited to perform and Mrs. Lobo’s strong and consistent classroom management that gave the students the discipline and structure they needed to put on a well run performance.” 

ALEX ENDO, Principal Saint James Catholic School, San Francisco, USA

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