Brillante Piano Festival 2023: Call for Applications

Welcome to the Brillante Piano Festival, a truly spectacular, vibrant, and one-of-a-kind celebration of piano music that has its heart in Nagaland! We are delighted to extend our warmest invitation to all music enthusiasts, pianists, and music lovers from around the world to join our growing musical community.

At Brillante, we take immense pride in being the only multi-genre piano festival that brings together Performance, Competition, and Pedagogy, together adding to the beautiful synergy of experiencing music in a very ‘full’ manner. We are more than just a festival; we are a community, supported by genuine and passionate music lovers spanning all ages, cultural backgrounds, and diversity. The purpose of Brillante is to act as an agent of social development through deliberate creative engagements.

Our festival is defined by the finest of piano music, the thrill of exhilarating competitions, and the ultimate gift of knowledge & artistry exchanges through absolutely relevant training sessions, masterclass and workshops. We believe in the power of music to transform lives, build bridges to a more hopeful future, transcend socio economic boundaries and unite people.

Since our humble beginnings with the 1st Edition in 2017 and the unforgettable 2nd Edition in 2019 in Kohima, Nagaland, where we witnessed the historic 100 Pianos Performance, Brillante has grown and evolved. In 2021, we took our music worldwide through our first-ever virtual international event during the 3rd Edition. The warmth and enthusiasm we received from participants across the globe touched our hearts deeply. But that’s not all! In 2022, we embarked on an exciting new journey, bringing the enchantment of Brillante at DLF Cyberhub, Gurgaon. Here, we held a memorable one-day music festival under the theme “Music Unites” and that it did in the spacious and premium space attended by thousands.

This year, we are thrilled to announce the much-awaited 4th Edition, taking place from 29th September to 1st October 2023. As always, we have curated an enchanting lineup of workshops conducted by renowned artists (Adam Grieg, Sahil Vasudeva, Pradyumna Singh Manot, Aki Spodario, Anuvrat Choudhry, etc.), captivating exhibits, immersive experiential spaces, and enthralling audio-visual presentations. We can’t wait to share these truly amazing moments with you!

At Brillante, we believe that music is a universal language that knows no boundaries, and we strive to foster a sense of unity and belonging through our shared love for the piano. We embrace diversity and actively work towards breaking down social barriers, ensuring that everyone feels welcome and valued. We are also proud to introduce our Specially Abled Musicians (SAM) program, which celebrates the remarkable talent of musicians with special needs. We extend a heartfelt invitation to our Specially Abled Musicians to share their music with us, and we promise to provide a safe and inclusive platform to showcase their extraordinary abilities. We firmly believe in the healing power of music therapy and hope to raise awareness among trainers and caregivers about its profound impact.

As we grow and expand, we rely on the generosity of strong partners, kind-hearted individuals and supportive organizations who share our passion for music and our vision to contribute in building a strong music ecosystem in our communities. Donations are warmly welcomed and play a vital role in supporting our efforts to spread the power of music far and wide.

So, join us at the Brillante Piano Festival this year. Come experience enchantment and innovation blended in a sweet balance of what is eternal in the misty mountains of Kohima. Whether you’re an aspiring pianist, a music enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of melody, there’s a special place for me each one. We can’t wait to welcome you with open arms!

For more information, please visit our website: or reach out to us via email at: [email protected].


Tazim Sheikh (Winner of the Jazz Category, 2021)

“Amidst the pandemic and hopelessness, Brillante Piano Festival brought new light in my life. The community was so lively as was the festival itself. It inspired me to improve myself. Not only I had a lot of fun, but also learnt a lot.”

Marouan Benabdallah (Liszt Academy, Hungary)

“This was my first participation at the Brillante Festival and I have to say, I was very impressed by the varied program and the professionalism the organizers carry out the whole series of events! They managed to make it a very enjoyable event for piano and in general music lovers! As a juror, I was happy to hear many talented young pianists and was struck by the thorough preparation some have shown in their performances! I also found the length of the concerts appropriate for the online format, not too long, not too short! Perhaps the most difficult part was the online master class as it is very difficult to have a smooth interaction with the students over internet, but we tried our best! I wish the organizers the best of luck for the upcoming editions!”

Petenei Tacü (1st Runners up of Brillante 1st Edition, 2017)

“My experience with Brillante was super! I was able to meet many new pianists, receive and attend master classes by very fine professional musicians. My personal gain of being part of the competition was that I was able to refine myself as a musician and build my repertoire. Brillante is such an enjoyable music festival for people of all kinds. So, do be there and have a great time and enjoy. I support Brillante and so can you.”

Theja Meru (Chairman TaFMA, Nagaland)

“Brillante is truly a brilliant concept, born and made in Nagaland. Piano is a huge focus for us, as a state. Over the years Nagaland has produced many brilliant pianists and it is also due to the leadership of Khyochano TCK, founder and director of Brillante. TaFMA has supported brillante from the very beginning and will continue to do so- to see that it become a centre for piano not only in the country, in Asia but also in the world, and we share this dream with the team at Brillante.

Dew M Bordoloi (Runner up of Category B, 2021)

“Brillante is already one of the top piano competitions in India. Having won the runner up prize last season helped me to improve in a lot of ways as a musician. It obviously gave me an awesome place to show and express my skills, but also it helped me to mentally prepare for a healthy competition. This will always be a big highlight on my resume. Thank you!”

Palak Chauhan (Child prodigy)

“Nagaland’s Brillante Piano Festival was an awe-inspiring and enriching musical experience. It is a unique celebration that supports and showcases Western classical pianists. Engaging with musicians of all ages and connecting with fellow pianists from different parts of the country opened my eyes to diverse perspectives and added to my growth as an artist. The knowledge and inspiration I gained during the festival have propelled me forward. Undoubtedly, this festival has become the most cherished event in my life. My earnest desire is to be a part of all future editions of this remarkable festival, to continue growing and sharing my passion for music with the world.”