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Schmopera is the brainchild of Jenna Douglas. Jenna is the editor and co-creator of Schmopera.com. She's a pianist and vocal coach, and her work in opera allows her to present a truly insider look at the industry and its artists. Jenna has also written for Musical Toronto and the Canadian Opera Company's Parlando blog. Schmopera.com was started in December of 2013. The Schmopera team consists of Jenna Douglas, primary contributor and Toronto-based opera pianist, and Andrej Simeonov, creator of all things technical. Founded in December 2013, Schmopera aims to present an honest and fresh look at the opera scene. You can read reviews of what's currently onstage, find out about upcoming shows, and get to know the people that make opera happen. We interview singers, conductors, coaches, directors, and teachers, and show you behind-the-scenes as much as we can. Our guest contributors include Gregory Finney, a Toronto-based baritone (seen onstage with Against the Grain Theatre, Toronto Operetta Theatre, and FAWN Chamber Creative), and Isaiah Bell, a BC-born tenor and composer (Against the Grain Theatre, Pacific Opera Victoria, Calgary Opera).

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