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Roxana Anklesaria

Roxana Anklesaria had initial musical training Pune and Mumbai and received her Bachelor of Music degree from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. Returning to India, she established a private music studio in Pune. She has performed in several Indian cities in solo-lecture and piano duet recitals and as a vocal accompanist and conducted piano masterclasses. She has served on the juries of the Valentino Bucchi Piano Competition in Rome (Italy), Most Wanted Pianists Competition in Atlanta (USA) and Concours Grieg in Oslo (Norway).Roxana is a regular delegate of the National Piano Pedagogy Conferences and World Piano Pedagogy Conferences held in the USA. She is the only international member to be nominated on the advisory board of the Frances Clark Pedagogy Center who present the National Keyboard Pedagogy Conference.She established private studios in Pune (1986-93), Vancouver (1993-2001) and in 2001 established the Academy of Music; a multi piano teaching facility in Pune. Roxana is the founder and convener of MusiQuest - a very successful music festival that brings together students from across the country to perform, interact and be adjudicated by an international adjudication panel. Roxana’s students have excelled in examinations, won national and international piano competitions, performed at masterclasses, workshops, public recitals and studio showcases and presented a series of successful annual studio recitals.