Au Revoir Vandana

We never imagined the day would come when we would have to pen an obituary for one of our own team members. Her passing away is still to sink in. Vandana’s association with BSM began in the 90s when she joined Victor Abraham’s choir. But it was only in 2016 that she started formally working at BSM, handling PR & Communication which she had experience in.

Vandana Celestine | 5th Feb 1972 – 2nd Jan 2022

Extremely articulate both in English as well as French which she had studied, Vandana soon developed PR strategies and her affable nature helped her build relationships with key personnel in the Press and was pivotal in securing a sizeable chunk of PR coverage for BSM concerts and festivals over the years. Her friendly demeanour endeared her to the admin team and faculty who she would interact often with to plan stories for the monthly newsletter which she handled and edited. Full of enthusiasm, warmth and positivity, Vandana enjoyed the camaraderie at BSM and had many friends old and new. Steadfast and unwavering in her faith she would always attribute any of her work accomplishments to the Almighty. Fiercely independent and stubborn, Vandana refused to accept lifts when she stayed up late, preferring instead to take an auto rickshaw to her home in Indiranagar. Although we were aware of her health issues, she barely discussed it and never let it affect her work. On many occasions she would turn up at BSM limping in excruciating pain to fulfil work commitments. Vandana loved music, and enjoyed singing and reciting French poetry for Fete De La Musique and fund raising concerts. She loved animals, feeding and caring for them near her home. She was eagerly looking forward to the New Year and planning for our upcoming concerts, activities and so on. But fate willed otherwise.

Goodbye Vandana! We will all miss you dearly at BSM. You will remain in our hearts and memories forever.