The talented opera and jazz singer Sandeep Gurrapadi might have settled in London as of now but his roots date back to Hyderabad. Despite learning Carnatic classical music, his interests shifted to operatic singing and understanding the nuances of the same. His interpretation of Western classical music and vocal techniques go beyond the fundamental rules as he fuses the knowledge from both the worlds. The Hyderabad School of Music (formerly Hyderabad Western Music Foundation) in association with Alliance Française organized a workshop for Hyderabadis featuring this gifted artist.

The workshop was conducted last month at Alliance Française in Banjara Hills on one relaxed Sunday which attracted a good number of participants. The artist started by performing Lydia by Gabriel Fauré and Die gute Nacht by Clara Schumann.



Sandeep then made the participants perform the songs of their choice and provided individual feedback for each of them. He dug deeper into the nuances of how vocal projection works, and also shared certain exercises and body posture corrections which can help greatly in the outcome. He gets the credit for paying attention to the often overlooked aspects of singing such as breathing meaningfully in between phrases, dynamics and use of the stomach muscles to hit the higher notes effortlessly. The passion of Sandeep to spread the knowledge of vocal techniques was clearly evident throughout the workshop.

The Hyderabad School of Music organized this workshop under the administration of Jay Parte and Joe Koster. Their effort in bringing Sandeep Gurrapadi to the city is commendable.