15 Best Podcasts on Spotify for Students to Binge-Listen to in 2023

Podcasts give a fantastic opportunity for a student to gain new perspectives and insights. Just by listening, you can learn from world-class experts and get the knowledge you won’t find in books.

This is also one of the best forms of entertainment that are fun and mentally stimulating at the same time. Put your headphones on and listen to a new episode as you make your way to classes, work out, or do laundry.

Whether you’re just starting to discover the world of podcasts or you’ve listened to hundreds of episodes and are looking for something fresh, this article is for you.

Ready for the most exciting and captivating podcasts? Here’s a list of 15 podcasts on Spotify you will love!

1. The Last Laugh

Interested in comedy? Check out The Last Laugh for interviews with new voices as well as industry legends. Listen to them sharing insider tips and reflecting on their best work.

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2. The Tim Ferriss Show

You’ve most certainly heard about The 4-Hour Workweek. The author of this bestseller, Tim Ferris, hosts a podcast on Spotify. He interviews outstanding guests to share their best practices, tools, and tactics with you!

There are more than 600 episodes, with the most recent ones featuring the author of Atomic Habits, James Clear, legendary music producer Rick Rubin, historian Niall Ferguson, and many more.

3. Philosophize This!

Philosophy majors or anyone else interested in big ideas that shaped the world will love this podcast. The best part is that Philosophize This! is beginner-friendly and explains everything in plain words.

The podcast is structured in chronological order. So if you start from the beginning, you’ll get a comprehensive overview of major philosophical ideas and figures step by step.

4. You’re Wrong About

This is an extremely compelling podcast that immediately gets you hooked. Journalists Michael Hobbes and Sarah Marshall challenge existing opinions and turn them on their heads. The podcast fosters critical thinking and helps you evaluate information you read in the headlines.

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5. 10 Things That Scare Me

All our biggest fears in a tiny podcast—10 Things That Scare Me offers you to listen to short 10-minute episodes. Each of them features a person talking about the thing that scares them the most. Honest and relatable, this podcast will help you reflect on your fears, doubts, and anxieties and prevent them from influencing your decisions.

6. In Plain English: Science Made Simple

Monthly episodes of In Plain English make research findings accessible and clear to everyone. The questions they raise are extremely diverse. You can learn about the politics of space, virus evolution, immune cells, climate change, and much more. Each episode features an expert in a particular discipline who answers questions from the podcast guests “in plain English.”

7. Armchair Expert

Armchair Expert is one of the best podcasts for students to listen to. It is a Spotify exclusive hosted by Dax Shepard. The podcast features countless fascinating stories about successes and failures, challenges and growth. Each episode is an honest story that teaches you to embrace your experiences and keep moving forward.

8. Dope Labs

Another Spotify original for students is Dope Labs. Listen to Duke graduates Zakiya Whatley and Titi Shodiya talk about pop culture from an evidence-based perspective. The podcast explores everything you can only think of, linguistics, gamification, STEM, art therapy, healthcare, nuclear energy, cybersecurity… Your inner scientist will love it.

9. Ologies

Prepare for tons of scientific knowledge presented through charming storytelling. Alie Ward asks scientists questions about the most unexpected things, and the answers may turn your life upside down.

Learn more about evolution, meteorology, Mars missions, and even vampires. The Ologies episodes definitely have a topic for any taste.

10. Short History Of…

Listen to a new episode of Short History Of every Monday to learn something fascinating. How did Las Vegas transform from a dusty desert town into a place with world-class hotels and casinos? What is known about Pocahontas? What stories does the Tower of London tell? Who were the key players of the Great Train Robbery? This is one of the best history podcasts that will help you understand the past and establish its connection with the present.

11. Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders

Created by Stanford eCorner, Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders is an excellent option for business students or anyone interested in entrepreneurship and innovation. Each episode features business leaders who discuss their tactics and strategies.

Crypto, biosciences, healthcare, sustainability, technology, engineering—the podcast gathers experts from a wide variety of industries. It is a great inspiration and learning resource for students with entrepreneurial aspirations.

12. The Politics Podcast

Do you want to know what’s going on around the globe? The Politics Podcast allows you to connect with engaging discussions in its daily episodes. Get an in-depth analysis of major political events and movements from the Monthly journalist Rachel Withers and her guests.

13. Bad with Money

Money and budgeting have always been hot topics for students. In Bad with Money, Gaby Dunn, the author of the same-name book, explains how to regain control over your finances. From personal tips to broader economic issues, this podcast covers everything a student needs to know about money.

14. The Marketing Millennials

Are you looking for some sharp marketing strategies and practical insights? Look no further! The Marketing Millennialsis exactly what you need. It discloses the marketing landscape and provides tips on how to build a successful marketing strategy, from emails to Tiktok.

15. Call Me Curious

This podcast will answer all your questions and give you thousands of ideas to keep your mind occupied. Are we ready for lab-grown meat? Do all Christmas traditions come from Christmas? Is love at first sight a real thing? There are hundreds of questions that will make you learn and laugh.


Save this list and enjoy the best podcasts for students to listen to on Spotify. Choose the one that matches your major, or explore something completely new. Enjoy!