10 Engaging Content Ideas Musicians Can Use for Social Media

For many musicians, social media is the only way to communicate with their fans. This is why most independent artists in the music industry are currently utilising social media platforms to the maximum. But while there are already many things you can do online simply by using the features on different social media platforms, you might still run short of ideas for your content. Hence, here are ten engaging content ideas musicians can use for social media.

#1 Post Behind-the-Scenes Content

Perhaps the most popular type of content that all kinds of artists post is behind-the-scenes content. This can range from photos and videos from your activities to demo versions of songs. Whatever shows your activities as a musician can be considered BTS content.

Fans are often interested in the writing or production process of their favorite musicians and singers, so sharing such BTS content is great for building a stronger connection with your audience. You can explain the lyrics of your songs, show your workspace or studio, publish photos and videos from your practice sessions, and post song sneak peeks among other things.

#2 Create Memes Based on Experience

Memes can be somewhat of an unconventional type of content for musicians to post, but they can be incredibly effective for showing a more laid-back and casual side of your personality. Moreover, you can create memes based on your own experiences that many other people will likely relate to.

For example, you can use the popular format of “what people think I do vs what I actually do” to show how you changed and grew as a musician over time. You can also create non-music-specific memes that are relevant to your experience as an artist or even just as a regular person.

#3 Capture Meaningful Moments

Capturing and sharing meaningful moments can be ideal for building strong and lasting connections with your listeners on a personal level. Of course, you can already do this through your music, but sharing these moments on social media will solidify your bond with your fans.

For instance, you can share your childhood photos to show what you looked like as a kid. You can also take pictures and videos during live shows to publish them later on. Try to post photos from every city you visit to connect with fans from different locations. This is particularly important now that you can have fans from all over the world thanks to the Internet.

#4 Share Your Knowledge Through Tutorials

As a musician, you already have a lot of knowledge and experience of the art and craft of music. Why not share it with your audience? There are likely people who are interested in making music who are your fans, but even regular listeners who simply enjoy your music may find your tutorials entertaining and educational.

Don’t forget to use different tools to help you create more content in a shorter amount of time. For example, if you are writing a very long tutorial, you can use a conclusion generator to create your conclusion or summary quickly instead of writing it yourself. You can then edit it a little and your tutorial will be ready for publishing.

#5 Cover Songs from Other Artists

While you probably want to focus on your own music, don’t forget that you also have the option to use existing music. The most popular option are song covers. Find songs you like and create your own covers of them.

You don’t necessarily have to try and make your covers as similar to the originals as possible. In fact, making covers that are distinctly your own could be a good way to differentiate yourself from other artists. You can make acoustic or remixed versions of existing songs. You can also collaborate with other artists either directly or indirectly through features like the ones offered on TikTok.

#6 Organize Virtual Concerts

Virtual concerts have been around for some years now, but they became particularly popular during the pandemic. Musicians could no longer tour as they used to, so online or virtual concerts became a good alternative for those who wanted to continue performing.

Even though the restrictions have been lifted and many musical artists are touring again, you can still organize virtual concerts. They can be particularly useful for those who have fans from all over the world but don’t have the resources to travel to other countries to perform. It is a compromise that many fans will likely be excited about.

#7 Live Stream Q&As

In addition to virtual concerts, you can have other types of live streams. You can either simply interact with fans in some way or you can host different activities (e.g. cook and explain how you are cooking at the same time).

One popular option are Q&As. Collect questions from your followers beforehand and then start a live stream to answer them all one by one. You can also have the option for viewers to send additional questions during the Q&A live stream.

#8 Run Competitions

Rather than simply posting some kind of content, you can try to engage your audience further by running competitions and giveaways. You can use your merch as prizes in such competitions and giveaways or you can come up with something else (e.g. personal meeting and lunch with the winners).

Make sure that you develop the rules for the competition or giveaway beforehand. You can hire an experienced writer to help you. Just check different samples from the writing services you are interested in and then choose the writer you want to work with to develop your competition or giveaway rules.

#9 Tell Your Story

Telling your story is crucial for every musician because it helps you explain who you are and why your fans should support you. It’s not just about your music – it’s also about your personality and you as an individual.

For instance, you can explain the story behind your stage name. If you have a band, you can explain how you met each other and how you came up with the name for the band. How did you get where you are now? And where do you want to be in a few years?

#10 Talk About Yourself

In addition to telling your story, you should be actually talking about yourself, especially about yourself as a musician. Every artist has their own journey and yours matters to your fans and potential fans.

Talk about what inspires you, which achievements you are proud of, what was the hardest moment for you so far, what do you want to do career-wise, and so on. Anything and everything can be interesting to your audience.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, utilizing social media for communication with fans is definitely a great idea. You can use the tips and ideas from this article to create more engaging content for your social media profiles and grow your following consistently.