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I received my initial musical education in India between 1964 and 1982.

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I went on to pursue a Bachelor of Music degree in Canada between 1982 and 1985. I returned from Canada to set up my private studio in Pune between 1985 and 1993.

I moved back to Canada in the early 90s, only to return after my marriage in 2001.

The Academy of Music began in 2002 with two students in the study room of my home apartment with two grand pianos. Here are the students during the Christmas of 2003!

Here’s a picture with my former student Sherezade Panthaki at her vocal concert in 2003 –

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By 2011, we moved to the White House. This house had been built for me by my dad in 1995. It was a labour of love to decorate this beautiful 12000 sq. feet colonial style mansion – We are so fortunate to have such a beautiful facility for the school.White HouseImprovisation MasterclassThere are currently 4 teachers in the Academy – We teach piano, pedagogy, music appreciation, harmony, rudiments, piano repertoire, history and Music for Little Mozarts.

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The Academy presents two recitals each year – an annual solo recital in March and an ensemble recital in September. Here are our Group Annual Recitals –

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The Academy is the proud presenter of MusiQuest. We have had five extremely successful editions of this festival. Here are the Winners, Adjudicators and Conveners at MusiQuest 2015.

All Winners, Adjudicators & Conveners, 2015I travel to the USA every year for the Music Teachers National Association conference (MTNA) and for the National Keyboard Pedagogy Conference (NKPC).

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Through this avenue, I have established contacts with the greatest pedagogues in the world, many of them having adjudicated at MusiQuest.