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Since​​ 2010, ​​the Calcutta​​ Classical​ Guitar​​ Society ​​has ​​hosted ​​the​​ Calcutta International Classical ​​Guitar​​ Festival.

15-17​​ December ​​2017​​ at​​ the​​ ICCR​​ in​​ Kolkata ​​will ​​mark​​ the​​ 8th ​​edition ​​of​​ this ​​event. This ​​year ​​we ​​have​​ concerts​​ by​​ Pavel​​ Steidl (Czech​​ Republic),​​ Marcin​​ Dylla​​ (Poland), Johannes​​ Moller ​​(Sweden),​​ Miguel​​ Trapaga​​ (Spain), Paco​​ Renteria ​​(Mexico),​​ Le​​ Maestrio (France)​​ and​​closing​​ performance ​​with​​ Pt​​ Vishwa​​ Mohan​​ Bhatt,​​ Amyt​​ Datta​​ (jazz ​​guitar)​​ and Pt ​​Subhen​​ Chatterjee’s​​ Karma.

During​​ the​​ day​​ these ​​visiting ​​maestros ​​teach.​​ Classical​​ guitarists​​ from​​ all​​ over​​ India​​ register to​​ learn,​​ and​​ after​​ the​​ festival​​ pass​​ on ​​this​​ education ​​to ​​their ​​students.



Classical guitar solo

15 Dec | 6.30 pm

Hailed by Washington Post as “among the most gifted guitarists on the planet” Polish guitarist, Marcin Dylla is a rare phenomenon in recent history of Classical Guitar. Many music critics, connoisseurs and music lovers certify that Marcin Dylla is among the world’s elite of classical guitar players. He has earned this position, among others, to unparalleled number of awards including 19 First Prizes from 1996-2007 at the most prestigious international music competitions around the world including the Gold Medal of the ‘2007 Guitar Foundation of America International Competition.

Marcin Dylla was born in Chorzow in 1976 and received his first guitar lessons at the Ruda Slaska Music Conservatory in his native Poland. From 1995 to 2000 he studied at the Music Academy of Katowice with Adi Wanda Palacz and later completed his studies with Oscar Ghiglia, Sonja Prunnbauer and Carlo Marchione at the Music Academies of Basel (Switzerland), Freiburg (Germany) and Maastricht (The Netherlands), respectively. He is currently a Professor at the Music Academy in Kraków and Katowice.



Trio of classical guitar, gypsy jazz & flamenco

15 Dec | 8 pm

Le Meastrio is a band of three individual guitarists Pierre Louyriac, Pierre Bernon and Symon Savignoni – classical guitar, flamenco guitar and jazz guitar.

Pierre Bernon – classical guitar

Gold Medal of Montpellier conservatory, Pierre is a uncommon musician who developed as a

musician through travels across the world learning Latin, Algerian and gypsy music.

Symon Savignoni – gyspsy jazz guitar

From a big family of musicians, Symon discovered and fell in love with Django Reinhardt’s music at a very young age. He studied gypsy jazz music with Serge Krief and Christophe Lartilleux and became graduated of the ATLA School in 2008. He formed his own trio, The Savignoni Trio in 2010, and has toured Europe extensively with this ensemble.

Pierre Louyriac – flamenco guitar

Pierre grew up in a gypsy quarter of Montpellier, the same as Manitas de Plata and a part of the gypsy kings. It was natural for him fall in love with flamenco music. He graduated from the Superior Conservatory of Courdoue, his professors were Manolo Franco, Jose Antonio Rodriguez and the flamenco maestro Emilio Maya.



classical guitar solo

16 Dec | 5 pm

Born in Cantabria in 1967, Miguel Trápaga has won top prizes in several guitar competitions, including the XVIth Andrés Segovia International Guitar Competition, Palma de Mallorca, the IIIrd Great Lakes Competition, Oberlin, Ohio, and the XIIth International Solo Guitar Competition, Guitar Foundation of America. He has performed in broadcasts for Spanish National Radio, Antena 2 of Portugal, the BBC and elsewhere and has recorded six CDs.

Currently a teacher at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid, he has given masterclasses in Spain and abroad (Sibelius Academy, Frederic Chopin Academy in Warsaw, Melbourne University), and has performed in the main concert halls and theatres in Spain, with concert tours of Europe, Australia, Africa, Latin America, Asia, Canada and the USA.

He has performed with numerous orchestras, including the National Philharmonic of Ukraine, the Seville and Madrid Symphony Orchestras, and the Canberra Symphony Orchestra. With the Simon Bolívar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela, he performed Leo Brouwer’s Concierto de Benicàssim conducted by the composer.



classical guitar with Indian ensemble

16 Dec | 6.30 pm

Johannes Möller stands out as a progressive musician who remains faithful to the tradition that produced him. The latter has brought him all the recognition the classical music establishment has had to offer: awards from among the most prestigious musical colleges in the world (Royal College of Music, London, Amsterdam Conservatory) and international competition success (including the coveted Guitar Foundation of America Prize). All these things are indicative of the musical calibre we have come to expect from international concert players, yet Johannes is known primarily for things other than his performing excellence.

With a particular interest in the music of India and the Far East (notably China), Johannes has joined the ranks of those who have sort to homogenise global influences into a single artistic statement. It is this 21st century musical character that Johannes has brought into the limelight – a quality that has marked him out among many others of his generation.



The mariachi guitarist from Desperado & Zorro!

16 Dec | 8 pm

The virtuoso, progressive, flamenco guitar player Paco Renteria began playing at the age of seven. By the time he was 22, Renteria was performing with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Guadalajara. Since then, he has composed over 300 pieces, and performed with the likes of Carlos Santana and Luciano Pavarotti. His music has appeared in films such as Desperado and Legend of Zorro.


PAVEL STEIDL (Czech Repbulic)

classical guitar solo

17 Dec | 6.30 pm

Pavel Steidl was born in Rakovnik (Czech Republic). Since he won first prize at the Radio France International Competition in Paris in 1982, he has become one of the most widely celebrated soloists of his generation.

After years of studying and getting inspiration from many different artistes including Milan Zelenka and Stephan Rak, Pavel Steidl has created his own style which is in part the authentic way of interpretation of 19th-century guitar music on period instruments and at the same time contemporary and cutting edge inclusive of world music elements. Pavel Steidl also composes himself and performs these compositions in concerts. He has played in more than 40 countries all over the world including Canada, USA, China, India, Japan, Europe, South and Central America and many others.



Pt Vishwa Mohan Bhatta, Amyt Datta, Pt Subhen Chatterjee’s KARMA

17 Dec | 8 pm

Pt. Subhen Chatterjee’s KARMA feat. Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt with Guitar Maestro Amyt Datta

Sambit: drums, Suvam: guitar, Bachaspaty: bass guitar, Subhas: keyboards.

Creator of the Mohan Veena and winner of the GRAMMY Award, Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt has mesmerized the world with his pristine pure, delicate yet fiery music.

In this concert he will play with Pandit Subhen Chatterjee’s KARMA, India’s leading fusion band (performing since 1985), and with Amyt Datta, maestro of the contemporary electric guitar!


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