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Serenade Team: What are you looking forward to most on your India tour?

R2T2: We are looking forward to our journey for several reasons:

The culture: As Europeans, we have always been curious to travel to India. It is the first time that we are visiting this region and performing across different cities. It is also his (Tizoc) grandparent’s homeland and there is a special urge to discover why they were so attached to it.

Indian music: After enjoying several concerts by Indian classical musicians, we realised that they do not use the same musical system as Western classical musicians do. It would be great to discover the system of Ragas and learn more about the different instruments that form the core of Indian classical music. We hope to also pick up rhythm techniques and improvisation.

Reaction: It will be interesting to observe how the Indian public will react to our repertoire, and then compare it to what we usually experience here in Europe.

Teaching: We will also be giving masterclasses and are looking forward to getting feedback on our teaching approach as Europeans.

Sharing: We would like to share our knowledge on Western classical culture and at the same time learn and experience the different cultures we will be exposed to during this tour.


ST: Have you performed here before?

R2T2: No, never! This is why we are very excited about this tour. I (Tizoc) have already visited India a few times to see my grandparents who lived here during the European winter months. Coming to India as a classical guitarist will be a completely new experience for us.


ST: Tell us about your repertoire.

R2T2: Our repertoire is from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Modern and Contemporary periods. We think it is important to share this range that can be represented well with the classical guitar. It is an instrument that is often not taken seriously in today’s classical musical circles.

We feel it is important to promote new works by contemporary composers such as A. Ourkouzounov, Sérgio Assad and Dušan Bogdanović, with whom we have worked before.

We have also made several transcriptions of pieces that were written originally for piano and other musical formations. Intense work has given these a very personal touch and we hope audiences enjoy them.


ST: What can audiences expect from your concerts?

R2T2: We hope that audiences will experience something completely different and our music will transport them to places they have never seen or experienced before.

They can expect to travel through different ages of composition with the discovery of the guitar in several approaches due to its large polyphonic range and large capacity to adapt! 

The future will be made by the new generation. If we can make children and the younger population like our instrument, then perhaps, they could help expand the classical guitar repertoire in India.

Tizoc Romero – Raphael Bereau (Guitar Duo R2T2) perform in India from 8th – 30th September 2016:



10th September: 6.30 pm to 7.30pm at Monsoon Music Festival, Gorky Sadan

12 – 13th September: masterclasses / workshops

Organiser: Indian Guitar Federation / Calcutta Classical Guitar Society 



17 September evening:  concert at the Bangalore School of Music

Organiser: Bangalore School of Music in collaboration with EPTA India Associates



19th September: Interaction with the children of Ganapathi High School, Mangalore (Tizoc’s grandfather’s school)



21st September: 7 pm Concert at Menenzes Braganza Hall

Organiser: EPTA India Associates



22nd September: jazz / latino-american concert at 8 pm, Shisha Jazz café

Organiser: Mehdi Niroomand

25th September: Western classical concert at 6.30 pm, Mazda Hall

Organiser: Poona Music Society



27th September: Concert at 7 pm, Sivagami Pethachi auditorium Mylapore

28th September morning: masterclasses 

Organiser: EPTA India Associates



29th September: Concert at 8:45 pm, Piano man 

Organiser: Embassy of Mexico

 30th September: Concert at 7 pm, India Habitat Centre

Organiser: India Habitat Centre