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Stop-Gaps Cultural Academy

The Stop-Gaps Cultural Academy, formed in 1984, is the realisation of a dream which began as The Stop-Gaps Choral Ensemble, under the direction of its conductor, Alfred J. D'Souza. In a short while, the dedication, drive and enthusiasm of its Managing Committee and members helped to expand it to a fully registered Cultural Academy, which encompasses the promotion of music, dance and drama, and has left an indelible mark on the Mumbai music scene. Thanks to the initiative of the Academy, many Indian choirs have been exposed to discerning and appreciative Mumbai audiences through the ever popular Festival of Festive Music, now in its 33rd year. Young artistes have been provided a platform to showcase their performing skills in the Young Talent Concert Series which has led to training in conservatories and even musical careers abroad. The Academy also presents artistes from overseas, organises workshops in association with other choirs, conductors and organisations, and has instituted an annual award for a musician who has contributed significantly and consistently to the cause of western music in India.

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